Mount a rear FrontRunner Jerry can to a Jeep JK


Adding a jerry can to your Jeep JK not only looks awesome, but it can help for those long distance trips. We planned a trip to Mozambique from South Africa which was a 15 hour drive and as all Jeep JK owners know the 3.8 is quite heavy on juice. This mod literally saved me from getting stranded in the middle of no where.

This mod does not require you to drill any holes and is completely reversible.

Some things to consider before doing this mod is the weight. The rear door is already carrying a 34″ tyre, when adding a 20L steel jerry can will add another 20 or so Kgs to the tailgate. But Its mounted close to the hinges which means there’s not that much leverage.


What you need.
Jerry can and a holder, Any holder will do as long as you can attach some brackets to it. Some brackets and some general purpose nuts and bolts, You will be using the factory bolts in the rear tailgate to attach the brackets to it.

IMG_3417 (Large) IMG_3415


Bracket Dimensions
I was lucky to find some general purpose brackets from a hardware store in their shelving depo.

thick wide

They are 40mm wide and 4mm thick. Its important that they are 40mm wide because then they will fit perfectly into the hinge channel on the tailgate.
To add some extra plate thickness I used some big washers as seen below.


When bolting the brackets together. Do it so they are not able to pivot.

bad correct

Some mistakes I made.
I didn’t mount the brackets as close to the tailgate as possible, which resulted in it sticking out far enough to bump into the brake lights. Also make sure when you drill into the Jerry can holder that it sits as close to they tyre as possible, what way you can secure it against the tyre to prevent horizontal forces.


I then used a ratchet strap around the tyre through the holder to keep it from swinging horizontally.


Watch the video for some more clarity.

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