Remove Bloatware from Samsung Galaxy S7


Note this article is about the Galazy S7 that’s getting hot the fix to the problem also removes bloatware.

A few months ago i switched from using an iPhone 5S to a Samsung galaxy S7. I have always used an iPhones since the iPhone 3G was launched.
So it was a big switch! The Galaxy S7 has been great and couldn’t believe what I was missing out on all this time.

Somewhere at the end of September or beginning of October 2016 there was an OS update. Since then my phone would randomly become slow. So slow that it was nearly impossible to use. Icons would load slowly, the phone it self became warm (It didn’t over heat) It just got hot enough for me to feel the abnormal heat when inside my pocket. The battery would also drain at an approximate rate of 1% every 3 mins. The strange part was when gave the phone a hard reboot it would be fine for a couple of hours then it would suddenly do it all over again.

Naturally i thought i downloaded some app which caused high CPU usage. After messing around with various CPU/Memory/Disk Monitor apps I couldn’t see which app or process hogged the CPU and memory because when the phone becomes slow it wasn’t possible to load the CPU/Memory/Disk Monitor apps.
At some point it generated a notification stating the the Oculus app will be sent to low power mode because its not responding.

Eventually I decided to restore the phone to factory defaults. But even after the restore it still had the exact same symptoms. Also after the restore I didn’t install any apps. So then only did it become clear it was the update.

After changing the firmware on the phone the problem was solved.

The software you need.

Samsung USB Drivers 
The drivers are needed for your computer to communicate with the phone.

Odin Firmware Uploader Software
Download the latest version. The Odin software is used to upload the firmware.

Samsung Galaxy S7  Firmware
I didn’t download the firmware that was installed by the carrier (Vodacom/Vodafone). Seeing there is a problem with it, I downloaded the normal but latest stock firmware without the all of the providers bloatware. In this case its under the menu “South Africa – XFA……”  The firmware also does not have the intro and the Carier’s logo when starting up the phone. If you are from South Africa I downloaded  This Version. It worked for me.

Install the software

Install the the USB drivers, Connect your phone via USB and confirm that your computer recognized it.

Start Odin

Unzip odin and double click the Odin.EXE to start it.

Enter Odin Mode

Before you can upload the firmware, you have to put the phone in Odin mode (AKA Download mode).
While the phone is on hold down Volume Down + Home + Power. It will force reboot but keep holding in the buttons until it enters Odin Mode.
In odin mode it will warn you and ask you to press the volume up to confirm or volume down to cancel.
You should see a screen with a big white download Icon with writing “Downloding” Ignore the message because its not downloading anything at this stage.

samsung-galaxy-download-mode-sign samsung-galaxy-download-mode-signed

Odin will confirm when you connected the phone to your PC via USB.


If you look at the log screen on Odin, if it shows “Added” then it means Odin can “see” your phone.

Select the firmware using the BL AP CP CSC buttons.

Unzip the downloaded Firmware archive somewhere on your PC I.E desktop. Then click each button to point it to the extracted files. For an example when clicking the BL button point it to the file starting with BL, the AP button point it to the file starting with AP ect ect.

Take note of the options selected in the below screenshot. (DO NOT SELECT ANYTHING ELSE, You may brick your phone and void the warranty)


Click the start button. It will show the status of the download on your phone’s screen. when the progress bar runs all the way through it will automatically reboot.

Important to know: Most guides out on the internet doesn’t say anything about the BL, CP and CSC button. They mostly tell you you only need to upload the AP file. In my case I uploaded only the AP file. After the upload was done it automatically rebooted but then got stuck at the Samsung Screen right at the beginning when switching on your phone. I was lucky to be able to still boot into Odin mode by holding down Volume Down + Home + Power

After trying 3 times without luck I noticed that I can point odin to each of the files in the zip file. After doing that the phone booted successfully and behaved like when I switch it on for the first time.

Since I changed from the firmware that was installed by the carrier, It’s running like a dream with zero hiccups. And the bonus is I don’t have all of the stupid non-removable apps installed by Vodacom. This includes the “swirling” red vodacom animation when booting up the phone.  None of that branded crap!

Hope this guide was helpful.


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