Storing information on an Arduino.

EEPRM – a Library for writing complete strings to flash memory in segments.

I created a library that allows me to store full strings in the Arduino’s EEPROM.

Although the standard EEPROM.H arduino library also allows you to store data, it only allows you to write one value between 0 and 255. This means you have to create your own for loop that will write the value you want to save turning your sketch into long confusing code.



Below is an example of the memory map of the EEPROM.

The Eeprm library will do all of that for you.

To write data you simply execute the below two simple lines of code.
Eeprm Eeprm(0);

And to read the data:
Eeprm Eeprm(0);
//Read from field 2 in memory



You can download the library from git hub,

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