Canbus gmlan ECU transmission communication

Canbus gmlan ECU transmission communication

Postby Robertspark » Fri Jan 13, 2017 1:06 am

Hello, first post on here, stumbled across the sniffer software (not tried it yet, did winder if it could fuzz (brute force / dictionary test canbus for hidden parameters)

I'm a bit of a canbus noob so I apologise for my nomenclature which may not be right, I have some modbus experience.

I have a GMPP ECU E67 for an LS Crate Engine.
I also have HP Tuners, so can scan and programme the ECU.

The ECU uses GMLAN 500kbs I believe.

The problem is I have a custom gearbox controller (not automatic, and not GM, custom, with a canbus interface and it is able to utilise a few PIDs (engine rpm, throttle position, it's drive by wire)

I know that 6l80 / 6l90 transmissions can interface directly with these ECU's and have the ability to share or control operation via canbus.

Basically I'm looking for an ability to do ignition retard or ignition cut for upshifts, and throttle blips for downshifts. Given the T43 TCM communicates with a number of the LS ECU's directly, it must issue throttle blips and ignition retard events, hence I'm interested in searching for these two needles in the GMLAN CANid haystack.

Any suggestions of how this may be tackled with some sort of fuzzing / brute force attack.

Much appreciated for any time and guidance you may be able to give.


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