Elevator CAN BUS project

Elevator CAN BUS project

Postby JacquesJNel » Mon Jan 23, 2017 8:10 am

Hi Guys

As I discussed with Martin in one of his topics (Sniffing the can bus with the super sniffer software), I am taking on a project that I might not be sure is possible, it sound possible and Martin seems to believe so that makes me motivated to make it work.

A brief overview of what I am trying to accomplish:
I have some modern elevator display units that I want to control using relay switching (basically retro fitting a new display to an old elevator system/ goods hoist).
The goal here is to use relay switching to send a signal (aka voltage) to the arduino, the arduino uses this signal as an input and then in turn sends a specific CAN BUS signal to the said elevator display.

This is where the tricky part comes in. I have no idea what signals to send and even how to send or read the said signals. I have done some research and I think by using this trick of sniffing the Can bus I can get the said signals from an existing/working elevator.

In theory it all sounds like it should work out but I have very limited knowledge of electronics and especially coding (High Voltage Electrical Engineer) but I have always wanted to play with electronics so I guess now is as good a time as ever to start.

Now the displays basically work in the same way as a car they have a 24+(instead of 12V+) ground, CANH and CANL.
I think by using this new found dark magic that is the Super Sniffer I should get the ball rolling.

You guys will do me a big favour by helping me
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Re: Elevator CAN BUS project

Postby JacquesJNel » Mon Jan 23, 2017 8:10 am

Okay so I have tried and failed.

I am trying to get some Can messages off my car first before I attempt to start on the elevator project as discussed.

The details of my failure is as follows:

Vehicle: 2016 1.4 Chev Utility (corsa bakkie for the afrikaans guys here)
I have connected the CANH from my Elecfreaks Canbus shield to pin 6 on the OBD plug (via blue-wire)
I have connected the CANL from my Elecfreaks Canbus shield to pin 14 on the OBD plug (via blue-wire)
I connected the Canbus shield to my Arduino Uno R3, (I did not desolder/cut the resistor track above CANH & CANL terminals)
Downloaded the latest Super Sniffer and copied the arduino sketch and uploaded it to my arduino.
With everything plugged in and uploaded turned the vehicle on and the Rx and Tx lights flicker but nothing happens on the Super Sniffer and/or Arduino monitor?

Could it be one of the following?
I did not ground the arduino to the car. Could this be the issue? (only connected CANH and CANL)
I have not cut the resistor track above the CANH & CANL termination, could this be an issue
The point/node I am trying to get Can messages from is the OBD plug? Will this work at the OBD plug or do I need to connect somewhere else?
I have tried changing the CAN Speed from 125KBPS, 250KBPS and 500KBPS. No change??

Is there anyone else that maybe did the same on their chev? (assuming all chevs work on the same can speed ect??)

Any help would be much appreciated, need to start moving on this elevator project, need to see results by the end of the month:)
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Re: Elevator CAN BUS project

Postby JacquesJNel » Mon Jan 23, 2017 8:11 am

For reference, from one of Martins topics, a reply from me to him
Hi Martin

I am thinking of using you Super Sniffer and plugging it into an existing elevator's CAN bus.

Could it be as easy as just plugging it in, sniffing the bus and bobs your uncle?

As for the code I would very much appreciate it you can write me some code, I am very much a beginner when it comes to coding and a bit lost. For learning purposes can you maybe write me the code and leave the message that needs to be sent blank (or even write your name in place of the code?) so that I can slowly read up on what the code means so that I can understand it better?

Also how would I go about finding out what settings/ baud rate to use to sniff the code or is this a case of trail and error until the right one pops up?

Thanks a lot for the replies and help on this matter, means a lot

Kind regards
Jacques Nel
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