help me help the disabled ! ! !

help me help the disabled ! ! !

Postby elf » Fri Jun 23, 2017 10:14 pm

my name is Victor Santana and i need any help i can get at this point. I'm an electronic engineer of almost 5 years and 10 years working on cars. I've work on federal vehicles for 3 years and the last 2 I've been building vehicles for people with disability. i never knew about this industry or that one day ill dedicate my life to it. if your like me and you was unaware how difficult it is for someone that's a quadriplegic to turn an a.c. knob you would understand how difficult this job is. depending on the disability they can't reach, turn, pull, and even lift there arms and hands. this is where i come in, with the university of YouTube I've learn how to hack vehicles fairly good but i know i still have a ways to go. basically i use a touch screen for the a.c., windows, radio, anything that they need for a comfortable drive that we take for granted. as for as driving we use a system with a motor on the steering wheel and gas/break to a joy stick; that's an easy install that works but the secondaries is where i need help. i been learning about CANBUS network but for some reason i still cant understand it completely. and so after multiple of videos and google search i ended up here and begging for any help i can get to understand CANBUS. please help me help people with disability's have a easier life and making them more independent than ever before.

im trying to create my own touch screen, relay box (about 25 relays) and CANBUS. some how learn how to create a custom system for people with disability.

majority of my work is using relays and tapping in to a.c. circuit board, master switch, turn signals, radio, etc this for the most part is easy to me. dodge caravan is easy, toyota is fair, and the honda odyssey is imposible to read the CAN. so far like on the toyota i found the message using PCAN and a scan tool but i cant get any one the odyssey. again; im a noob at all of this arduino, programing, CAN Sniffing anything you can provide i promise i will study and learn to improve my work and maximize independent living.

Thank you.
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